Talk – The Power of Nutrition


ULTIMATE Health Food & Mood Talk with Tania & Pamela


The Power Of Nutrition

Looking at how Nutrition plays an important role to the Future of our Health.

1 Hour+ Talk with Pamela & Tania

 In this talk, you will learn 

  • Explanation of Naturopathic Nutrition
  • A look at what holds our health back and the common symptoms and illnesses we face
  • 4 Cornerstones of Health
  • Nutrients, Calorically low but nutritiously high foods
  • How to reverse heart disease, diabetes
  • The role of fats and the most healthy fats you can consume
  • The food plate and what portions you should have

We also if time, talk through Lifestyle, Mental Attitude, Supplemental Essential.

The aim of the Talk

  • To give new, fresh and healthy ways to choose healthier and more delicious choices.
  • To educate with science-backed evidence
  • Give examples of simple changes in food choices


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