Body Type Talk


ULTIMATE Health Body Type Talk with Tania


Body Type Talk

Have you ever wondered why you hold weight in certain areas of your body? 1 Hour Talk with Tania

 In this talk, you will learn 

  • Find your body type quiz
  • 4 Different body types
  • What your body type means
  • Signs & Symptoms of each body type
  • Mixed body types
  • Exercise for your body type

Tania has 1 personalized body type quiz. Walk away with access to full details on your body type and how to move out of your body type into Ultimate Health

The aim of the Talk

  • To give new, fresh and healthy ways to understand your body
  • To understand why symptoms affect each body type and how to reverse them
  • Teach you how you can reverse your body type
  • Teach you about the correct exercise for your body type


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