Lose Up to 14lbs In 21 Days, Without Giving Up Carbs


ULTIMATE Health Body Type Talk with Tania


With our rich and convenient lifestyle, it’s easy to put on weight. This talk runs through how that happens, easy tips to make healthier choices, without having to Give Up Carbs!  1 Hour Talk with Tania

 In this talk, you will learn 

  • Why we hold weight on certain areas of our body
  • Easy ways to switch the mindset
  • Show you a “one clear path” formula that you can lose the weight and all without giving up carbs
  • We go through measuring and
  • You will be tested for your body type


What You Will Take Away 

Tania has 1 personalized body type quiz. Walk away with access to full details on your body type and how to move out of your body type into Ultimate Health

The aim of the Talk

  • To give new, fresh and healthy ways to understand your body
  • A strategy for weight loss
  • Teach you how to switch the mindset from I will start tomorrow to…. I will start today.
  • The 3 main hormones that stop you from losing any weight
  • The 7 principles to successful weight loss


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