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If you are here you will have already done the following:

  1. You have been through the DISCOVERY courses
  2. Know your BMI
  3. Know Your daily ideal calorie intake for your height, age, sex and amount of exercise you do
  4. You have filled in “Your Information”, you will have had a copy sent to your inbox for comparison
  5. You have filled in the “Body Symptoms” and you have a total of symptoms, your copy will be in your inbox to reference back to.
  6. You have gone through your cupboards
  7. You have set your goals and you know where you are heading for the next 10 or 20 or 30 days
  8. You have taken pictures of yourself and you have done your measurements if you doing this for weight loss.
  9. If you are suffering an illness or have health issue then you have your latest blood test done so you can compare your results 

If you have checked all these ticked off, then yes you are now ready to trigger your daily emails.

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