Anti-Biotic Herbs

Below are a list of things you can add to your naturopathic medicine cabinet. Try this before taking medicaions if you feel that is the right thing to do for your issue.

Aloe Vera

A common household plant that you can easily pick up. This plant is not only anti-bacterial but is known as a miracle plant with a plethora of phytonurients. Approved by vetinary practices to combat retro-viruses. Useful for oral ulcers. Accaman found in aloe has also been trialed to treat AIDS. As well as fighting viruses. aloes vera is also anti-baceterial, including pneumonia-causing bacterium Lebsiella pneumoniae.

It’s also been shown to be effective to help fight the fungus Candida albicans.

Aloe can be added to juices or blend up. Peel the skin off, its slippery but super healing. You can apply to wounds too.

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