Why do I Need to Eat Every 3 Hours

Why Do I Need to Eat Every 3 Hours


By eating every 3 hours you stabilize your blood sugars, it will improve your mood and it stops you from reaching for “naughty’ food. When you feel satisfied or not hungry you are far more likely to stay on track. Also if you have cravings then they can be handled by looking at the problems and solutions that I talk about in the last phase.

Deeper Dive

It is so important to eat every three hours to keep your blood sugars stabilized, quench cravings and build a strong metabolism.  Except for the Liver-type body, which is large hard belly, as you will not need to eat in between meals.

Eating every three hours, with protein, allows your body to know what it’s being fed and that it is safe to release fat. When we go too long without eating our body thinks we are starving it and it needs to save fat for fuel. So whether we go too long without eating or we are eating too much sugar when we do eat, the blood sugar ends up going up too high and down too low (not good). The body can feel more anxious and goes into fight/flight mode, and we become irrational, irritable, moody, teary, low energy and so on.

Our survival mechanism kicks in and the body actually hangs onto fat!

However, when you eat every three hours your body becomes a fat-burning machine, and food becomes the fuel that burns this fire. This consistent/dependable fuel and protein allow the body to function properly, and as well, feeds the muscles and increases metabolism.

We love that!

When our blood sugar is stabilized our body feels better, our emotions feel better and we don’t go into that craving mode. Very important when you are detoxing as you do not want to be reaching for the wrong foods.

Also note that when we are under constant stress in our life, our body is less able to produce the hormones from our Adrenal glands to keep our blood sugar stabilized. Eating every 3 hours stabilizes our blood sugar and allows us to handle any stress with greater ease.

So remember, our body and our mind loves it when we eat every three hours. It allows us to feel healthy, happy and if your goal is to lose weight then that happens effectively as well, and with a smile on our face.

VIP Questions to ask yourself:-

How do I feel about that?

How will I commit myself to achieve this?

What will I do when I am busy to remind me and make this a good habit?

What foods will I have handy and how will I plan my eating day?


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