Dr Susanne Humphries – Vitamin C Expert

Dr. Susan Humphries Recommendations

My recommendation for any knowledge on vitamin c is to check out the work of Dr. Susan Humphries, who was a conventional Dr. but did not see how the profession was helping the body to heal just condtion and disease managemtn. Dr Humphiries lectures and follows some of the pioneers in using megadoses of vitamin C to help the body to heal from disease. Building on and learning from the pioneers of this fieled with the likes of Linus Pauling PhD, Irwine Stone. Marke Levine, Abram Hoffer, Robert Cathcart  SusanneShe is amazing, totally credible and even almost shunned by the medical industry due to being her work on exposing whats in our vaccines, influenza vaccine and she is a true expert in vitamin C. Please do take the time if you are interested in feeding yourself and your family the right vitamin C. These are her recommendations and what I use whenever anyone’s immune seems to be down. Your RDA for vitamin c can be unlimited amounts. When people are being treated for cancer holistically they will have intravenous amounts of vitamin C as well as for cardiovascular disease and even anti-aging.

Suggested daily amount 1 gram in the morning and 1 gram in the evening. Or 2 – 9 grams per day according. Talk to your nutritionist for theraputic recommended doses.

Current RNI (Reference Nutrient Intakes are 40g to 90g depending on which country. This is barely enought to just keep you from scurvey. But certainly not enought if you have a health conditon. High stress levels and so on.

*RDA = Recommended Daily Amount

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