Dangers Of Mold


Treat this post as serious, this is a deadly and silent killer. Fungus, mold spores could be the reason for deteriorating health. Mold spors can not be killed. I want to just put this on the map for you to find out further if you feel this is an area that affects you or any of your loved ones. Many times we can not see this deadly mycotoxin. But it can set in and create many health issues. Try to watch the film called “MOLDY” THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF THE DETRIMENTAL DAMAGE THAT CAN BE DONE.

  • Know to be responsible for headaches to cancer
  • Asthma and asthma attacks
  • Fatigue and chronic fatigue
  • Chronic lung illnesses
  • Stiffness, wheezing, skin irritations

The list is quite endless

Tests that you can have done are the following

  • Mycotoxin Mold Test

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