Teas 101

White Tea

White tea is one of the top teas to drink along with green tea as outlined below.


Green Tea

This is an excellent tea to reduce breast cancer & other cancers, it’s also scientifically proven to help with gynecological malignancies such as ovarian cancer. It’s also been shown to lower cholesterol and blood sugar as well as body fat. It may also help the brain from cognitive decline.  and stroke according to Dr. Michael Gregor’s research into the scientific studies.  Its also been shown to reduce your risk of dying from pneumonia. So I would say an overall health aid.  Packed with phytonutrients,


Cats Whiskers Tea

Great for diabetic, you can find this herb in any health food shop. Ask for assistance as you may not find it in the tea section. Simply pour hot water on the buds and steep for 10 minutes, and enjoy


Cinnamon Tea

Good for Weight Loss

Heat the 2 to make the tea

Chamomile Tea

Benefits of this tea include reducing stress and it has good magnesium quality which helps you to sleep and stay calm.


Mint Tea

Benefits include helping digestive track and is also great for dyspepsia and nausea relief. May also help to reduce morning sickness.


Raspberry Leaf Tea

Benefits include helping during pregnancy for nourishing the uterus. Also good for balancing the hormones in the body, Also it has good levels of magnesium, vitamin B, and potassium, so a very calming tea. Also known to be good for infertility, endometriosis, and PCOS, painful menses and even skin issues


Herbal teas are a great all day refresher, especially when you make a batch for the day and sit your 1.5 liters of liquid to hydrate yourself with this wonderful antioxidant, antibacterial, LDL cholesterol reducing, weight controlling, brain sharpening, anti-inflammatory drinks. The list of benefit are endless and there have been some great studies about these wonderful teas. Here is a great link to a blog about all the different types of teas and why they are so good.


Cold Steeping

To cold steep add 1 liter of water to 4 tea bags and put in your fridge overnight to steep. Enjoy all the antioxidants of the tea without destroying any goodness. Needs a minimum of 2 hours and can be steeped at room temperature or in the fridge overnight.

Did You Know – staying hydrated elevates your mood, improves thinking, cuts your risk of heart disease and kidney problems.



For sweeteners to any tea try date syrup or blackstrap molasses (but this has a very strong taste)

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