Junk Food

So the junk food that I am talking about is not the usual suspects like McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken, of course, these are but we know that and I am not going to teach you how to suck eggs.

Here is my list of junk foods that I say beware of.

  1. Canned Fruits – Most contain added sugar especially if it says in syrup. The liners of the cans can contain harmful chemicals. The best alternative is to buy fresh fruit or frozen as they freeze them on the spot after picking so all nutrients are kept.
  2. Rice Cakes – full of processed white rice, which is not good if you want to lose weight. Too many refined carbs = increased insulin = fat storing. Have a healthy snack that has nutrients like apple and almond butter, flax cracker and avocado.
  3. Microwave Popcorn from a packet and food – microwaves kill the nutrients in the food. The best alternative is to heat it up in the oven, or in a fry pan or by steaming. Popcorn is loaded with oils and salt that is no good for you. So the corn may seem a healthy option if it was not GMO! But I would steer clear! Best alternative air-popped corn if you take corn at all 🙂
  4. Store-Bought Fruit Juices – they are packed with sugar. Even the fancy organic, nice expensive brands – turn the product around and read the label many of them are  20grams of sugar per 100 grams. That’s 20% sugar!
  5. Gluten will blow holes in your gut, it just happens that the gut repairs itself very quickly. But if you are suffering from symptoms of fatigue, and bloating and gas, come off this food as its junk to the body and it causes inflammation and all sorts of trouble especially further down the line. So if you are intolerant to gluten which you will soon find out then make a mental note and have it only as a treat. When the pains come back after treating yourself then you know that is a treat with consequences! Best alternative flax crackers and dehydrated bread made from other ingredients over grains.
  6. Avoid – MSG, Sugar, Wheat, Soy and processed foods that contain modified food starch (which is most foods that are packaged) See the MSG and GMO section in Good to Know – The Bad.


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