Benefits of Oats

Breakfast oats are a go to.

  • Oats have soluble fibre called Beta Glucan. Beta Glucan feeds the healthy bacteria in our gut. Which helps to lower cholesterol and boost the immune system (70% of your immune is in your gut).
  • It also has protein, and some
  • Minerals like copper, manganese and iron.
  • Oats are also useful to reduce blood glucose levels as oats are slow releasing and so help with balancing insulin levels in the blood.
  • Eat oats to reduce your risk of disease. Add fruit but not fat and you are good to go!
  • Low in fat and just the right amount of protein so great for your heart and vascular system

How to Cook Oats

Overnight Oats

You can eat this cold, always use plant based mylk and you can heat up in a pan the next morning.

How to Cook Oats, In an Instant Pot

No salt and use date syrup instead of maple syrup. Remeber to soak your nuts

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