One on One Coaching with Tania for a One hour Consultation



Struggling with your weight? Need support from a group and others going through issues just like you? Want to lose the baby fat? Tone the body, feel fit and fabulous. Tania’s can help you through.

Need a hand one to one. Tania is expert at motivating you to reach your goals or your health goals.

Book a free consultation with Tania to find out more.

Talk to Tania if you want to…

  • If something is on your mind.
  • Lose the belly fat or a total obesity to normal BMI weight loss.
  • If you have high blood pressure it for you
  • If you struggle with fatigue and tiredness
  • It’s for you if you can’t sleep very well
  • It’s for you if you have skin issues, bloating or constipation
  • It’s for anyone that has diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, cancer or want to prevent cancer from knocking at your door.
  • It’s for anyone that has had cancer and wants to do a 180-degree change
  • It’s for those who want to learn about food and how it affects our body
  • It’s for those that are looking for the truth about health, not the fads, and backed by studies that have skewed the truth about what is healthy and what is not.
  • It’s for you if you are looking to grow older feeling younger
  • It’s for you if you are working out and want to build more muscle.


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