One on One Nutrition Consult with Tania



If you are struggling with your health and/or have a health issue and need one to one guidance on how to optimise your health. I hold consultations online or if you are in East Sussex UK, in person. There are so many benefits to looking at your body as a whole and working through your health history so we can get to the root cause. Using the latest nutrition and diet approach with recommended supplementation if and where needed for that additional boost.

The session lasts around one and a half hours with a 30 minute follow up is included.

Backed by evidence-based research and training at the College of Naturopathic Medicine

Tania is an expert at motivating you to reach your health goals.

If we have not met before book a free consultation with Tania to find out more or book your appointment and we can get started.

Body systems that we focus on:

  1. Muscular System
  2. Skeletal System
  3. Cardiovascular System
  4. Nervous System
  5. Lymphatic System
  6. Endocrine System
  7. Digestive System
  8. Integumentary System (Hair, Skin, Nails)
  9. Sensory System
  10. Immune System
  11. Urinary System
  12. Respiratory System

Life & vital force influences all your body systems.


Naturopathic Principles that are followed:

  1. Using the healing power of nature. Always trying to work to restore homeostasis in the body and stimulating the body’s vital force, Qi or Prana.
  2. Treating the cause, not the symptom – why, where and what
  3. Treating you as a whole person
  4. Using prevention strategies rather than just looking at a cure, finding the root cause over just managing symptoms (this is the principle of western medicine)
  5. Education, we teach the principles for a healthy life. Giving you the knowledge so you can make the right choices & decisions for your health.
  6. Do no harm
  7. Establish wellness

Naturopathy & Nutrition:

Natural healing can be achieved with whole foods, managed stress, hydration and key additional nutrients where you may be missing at this point in time. Looking to help you towards abundant vitality and your best physical, mental and emotional state. Naturopathy is a system of healthcare that encourages and promotes the body’s own self-healing mechanisms. Seeking to improve your health to build your immune and support all your body systems so that you can heal and find your Ultimate Health.






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