Storing in a Glass Jar

Storing your greens in glass jars in not only more hygienic but also will not absorb any of the chemicals from the plastic bags that they come in.

Also, the main benefit is that your produce will last longer, and stay fresher. We use the mason jars to store ours and they fit neatly in the fridge.

Making your days worth of juices the night before can save you time in the morning. For one day you will need around 1 hour. I always get 5 containers, they can be boxes, bowls, kitchen sink bowls whatever can hold the produce of one or two juices depending on how many you are making for. It’s easy to do 2 juices.

Make sure all your produce is washed after you have bought it, that way when picking all you need to do is wash your leafy greens. It makes it much easier, and your fridge will be cleaner too as each time you reload with veggies you can give the empty fridge a good wipe down.

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