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Thank you for signing up for this short program. It’s a guide for you to really give yourself the fighting chance to reverse your condition. Dealing with this I am sure that you asked yourself many times – How did I get here? How did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Why me? Why now? I asked these very questions to myself too. At the age of 42 being diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It’s a hard hit and a wake-up call, to hear this devastating news about our health right!

On my healing journey, I found out many amazing things and one of the most powerful things I learned was the power of our minds. How having a positive mindset and believing with all our heart and soul, that we are healing, fighting and becoming healthier than ever before. After diagnosis, I learned that in order to be healthy, to fight cancer or any disease the body needs good fuel. So I put the best in. I also learned that iI needed to believe that I was healthy after all the input was sort, now I had to sort the mindset. With this positive mindset and the power of saying to self –  I am in control, I am healthy, I have the knowledge it’s all that you need to win your battle going on inside your body. So let me take you on this journey and trust in the process and find the inner belief that you will beat this, you will win, you will regain your health, just follow this blueprint for success. After all the best time to have the map is before you enter the woods right. I want to give you the map, so you can strategically win the battle and navigate the woods fearlessly and with true and utter determination.

So let’s just talk a little more about your condition.

Thyroid issues also know as Hashimoto’s disease, which we are told is an autoimmune or chronic lymphocytic issue. It’s given many names such as Hashimoto’s, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and parathyroid, and underactive thyroid, overactive thyroid. Its also known as Graves disease, thyroid cancer, thyroid nodules, cysts, and tumors. Metabolism issue, enlarged thyroid and so on. I don’t want to go so much into the science of it but to just put some ideas out there that might help you to think differently and give you the fighting chance to turn this condition around, and you can do that. You can do that. You need to start believing that you can. If you can’t then either give me a call and we talk or step away from the program and get your money back and do what you have been doing. If you are thinking in this way let me just put one saying out there. The definition of madness is – doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Have you changed anything? Have you tried different things? If or if you have and not getting better, trust me your will here. You are in safe hands, and you can let go and start to think differently about this. OK

Doctors believe that thyroid issues are a condition where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. We are told the primary role of the thyroid is to produce hormones to regulate a variety of functions throughout the body. We are told that Hashimoto’s is an inflammatory disease that can lead to an underactive thyroid,  aka hypothyroidism. In this condition, the thyroid is unable to produce adequate hormones. Since Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disease, the specific cause is unknown. The reason you are here is that you have been told you have a thyroid issue.

In this short program, I want to help you to think differently. I want to help you to think in a way of healing and repairing your body. I want to show you how to strengthen your liver, thyroid, kidneys gut and immune, in order to fight this condition and to win. Imagine, visualize or pretend that you are going into battle and you are strengthening your army. Your army of soldiers inside that will fight the army that’s inside you that is bad. This army in the past has been fed with foods and toxins that fuel the bad army and strengthen it. Now we are putting a stop to this and we have a strategy for it. A strategy that will work and you will win. A plan that is so great that you will beat this fight. So you can stop feeding the bad army and put adding fuel to their fire, but instead, stop feeing it and putting the fire out. That is what you are going to do. You are going to strengthen your body by what you put and how your mindset is being changed to enhance and fuel your success.  I want to empower you with knowledge, food choices and the right mindset so that you can build a far stronger army and win the battle going on inside you right now. So your body can do what it does best …… to heal and live happy, strong and healthy.

Thyroid issues are so common now that its estimated that so many people have the condition but do not even realize it yet. So let’s start and I want to encourage you to wipe away what you think you know. What you have been told. And start this program, this journey with a blank slate. OK.

I want to teach you how to believe in yourself. How to believe in your body. How to change your inner belief system that has been taught on findings that are not even proven. “Cause unknown” as highlighted above!  Science does not know exactly, so we can write a new script in our minds…. I want to put you in the driving seat of your health. I want to put you back in control of your liver, of your body, of your mind, of your health.

OK. Are you ready? Lets get to this…

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