Reduce Your Pathogen Load

1 Lesson

Thank you for connnecting in with this course. Its a chance to see one of the 3 main ways our body gets sick.

  1. Pathogen load from bacteria, viruses, parasites, worms, lyme, endotoxins and and more. 
  2. Chemical Toxins from pestisides, herbisides, houshold chemcicals, heavy metals, air, water and gas pollution and more.
  3. The last way to aid the body to faster dis-ease is via electromageic frequence and radiation exposure. A huge field but one that we need to put on the agenda to talk about.

This program we are focusing on Pathogens. If you have any questions then please do ask at each lesson. The more we can create conversation the better we can unerstand, learn and gain knowledge. Helping us to grow and be aware. Preveniotn is the cure is my motto, to elimnate as much as you can.

Enjoy and to your Ultimate Health


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