15 Lessons

Welcome to the Minerals Course. In this program, you will learn the following about each mineral and trace mineral so that you can make informed decisions about your food choices. For therapeutic doses and for a fine-tuned personal plan to your nutritional needs book Tania for a personal and one to one consultation if you have any underlying health issues that you are facing and need a more detailed approach.

  1. Outline of the mineral
  2. Functions of the mineral
  3. Deficiencies and Insufficiencies with Signs and Symptoms
  4. Therapeutic Uses
  5. Supplemental Doses
  6. Dietary Sources
  7. Recommended Daily RNI’s (Reference Nutrient Intake)
  8. Toxicity levels and symptoms for the mineral
  9. Interactions with other nutrients
  10. Interactions with Drugs to be aware of
  11. Brands that I recommend for this nutrient (but not all as a tailored approach may mean different requirements for you)
  12. Further Reading or Learning for a Deeper Dive

Each page will have all the references so you can look further into each claim.

Enjoy & to your Ultimate Health

LESSON 1 – Mineral Basics

LESSON 2 – Boron

LESSON 3 – Calcium

LESSON 4 – Chromium 

LESSON 5 – Copper

LESSON 6 – Iron

LESSON 7 – Fluoride

LESSON 8 – Manganese

LESSON 9 – Magnesium

LESSON 10 – Molybdenum


LESSON 11 – Phosphorous 

LESSON 12 – Potassium

LESSON 13 – Selenium

LESSON 13 – Sodium & Chloride

LESSON 14 – Zinc

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