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Thank you for signing up for this short program, that is to be done whilst doing your 30-day ULTIMATE health program. It’s a guide for you to really give yourself the fighting chance to reverse your condition and healing the heart. Dealing with this I am sure that you asked yourself many timCes – How did I get here? How did this happen? Why did this happen to me? Why me? Why now? I asked these very questions to myself too, when I was diagnosed with a disease. It’s a hard hit and a wake-up call, to hear this devastating news about our health right!

On the healing journey, I found out many amazing things and one of the most powerful things I learned was the power of our minds & what we put into our bodies. How having a positive mindset and believing with all our heart and soul, that we are healing, fighting and becoming healthier than ever before. After diagnosis, I learned that in order to be healthy, to fight any disease, the body needs good fuel. So I want to teach you how to put the best in so your body can give you the best output too. Once you have dealt with addressing your food, then you need to look at your lifestyle.  With a positive mindset and the power of saying to self –  I am in control, I am healthy, I have the knowledge it’s all that you need to win your battle going on inside your body. So let me take you on this journey and trust in the process and find the inner belief that you will reverse your heart condition, you will win, you will regain your health. Just follow this blueprint for success. After all the best time to have the map is before you enter the woods right! I want to give you the map, so you can strategically win the battle and navigate the woods fearlessly and with true and utter determination.

So lets just talk a little more about your condition.

OK. Are you ready? Lets get to this…

Here is a summary of the healing you will be doing with this new lifestyle change

  • Your fat consumption will be taken right down to around 10% of your daily calories
  • You will not be taking in cholesterol, so all that your body needs will be produced by your body and used efficiently to help the heart.
  • You will have minimal free radicals which are in the western diet but also so incredibly harmful to the body.
  • You will be increasing your fiber intake that is essential to great health
  • You will feel full more easily so you won’t overeat
  • You will be increasing the body’s ability to make nitric oxide, essential to heart health and anti-inflammation.
  • You will be increasing your body’s ability to producte more EPA and DHA, these amazing 2 are used by the body to heal any inflammation in the artery’s.

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