Kefir Mylk

Kefir mylk is natures probiotic and does wonders for your good gut bacteria.

Kefir Grains ( order these from Dom and Sandra in Adelaide CLICK THIS LINK)

So Kefir requires special “grains” known as “kefir grains” and these grains really help with the fermentation process. I would only recommend purchasing from this supplier as according to Dr Gabriel Cousins this is the world leader in producing these grains.

Dominic Anfiteatro offers gains using either certified raw organic goats milk, or certified raw bio-dynamic cow’s milk depends on availability. (Vegan kefir grains are not available).

You can find Dominic at 10 – B Harrow Avenue, Magill, 5072 Adelaide S.A Australia. Tel +61 0414 860 562

[email protected].

Let him know you came from me and he will look after you.

So what are “Kefir Grains”?
Well, they are a culture of healthy bacteria and yeast which can live independently. It is consumed in the form of a drink known as “kefir”. You will find these healthy bacteria not be not only healthy but healing too. Healing for the gut and the body and mind.


Benefits of Kefir

Health Bowel Flora
Helps to prevent gastrointestinal disorders
May prevent the growth of harmful bacteria
May act as a natural antibiotic and may neutralize pathogenic bacteria within 24 hours
My help to treat psoriasis
Also can be helpful for eczema, allergies, migraines, gout, rheumatic arthritic conditions, candidiasis, and colitis.
The world health organization also reported that it was helpful with tuberculosis and typhoid fever.
Helps with urinary tract infection
Helps with prostate problems
May help to alleviate anxiety and those on a kefir diet have less anxiety on a consistent basis. (may be due to higher levels of tryptophan which converts into serotonin in the brain and has a relaxing effect)
A great source of vitamins B1, B6 and B12
Suitable for DIABETICS as the fermentation process eats the sugar.
This is a big one – kefir may help to prevent cancer as a healthy gut is a root to a boosted immune system.
Some studies show kefir may be anti-mutagenic and help manage free radicals in the body.
May help with nervous disorders, liver and gallbladder disorders, kidney problems, stomach and intestinal diseases, diarrhoea or constipation, anaemia, allergies, dermatitis and other skin problems
May help with yeast infections
Weight Loss
Balance hormones and blood pressure normalization and help with cholesterol balancing.
Oh my goodness, I am going giddy writing all these benefits. Do your own research and get some of this sweet stuff in your digestive gut. It’s been said that 1 Tbsp kefir water is said to be equivalent to 1 bottle of probiotic pills!


Kefir is a fermented food and made with cultures called grains. They are not technically a grain as such. The culture and yeast can live indefinitely. You can make with cows milk or goats milk, but I recommend that you make it with nut mylks like almond, sesame, sunflower and so on. Recipes for the nut mylks are in the E-Book below. It’s a complete protein and rich in many vitamins including B vitamins B1 and B6 and B12. Dr Cousins goes on to say that milk kefir may block the absorption of vitamin C so you may want to consider nut mylks instead of conventional milk.

TOP TIP: As kefir is acidic in the mouth, brush your teeth after drinking.

Kefir also assists in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins so great for thyroid cases that find this difficult.

Kefir Grains


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