Myth – Most Health Conditions Are Genetic!

If you are told that what you have is down to genetics without testing them to make sure for yourself get tested.  Guesses are opinions, not facts. If you are told it’s genetic then you are stuck there thinking “You’re just gonna have to live with it” Noooooo.


Many health conditions are merely symptoms (effects that are camouflaged as causes.

Hypertension = High Blood Pressure

Hyper-Glycemic = Diabetes – High Blood Sugar

Hyper-Lipidemia = High Cholesterol

Plantar Fasciitis = Pain in the bottom of the Foot

Fibromyalgia = Pain All Over Your Body

Chronic Fatigue = Tired all the Time

Depression = Feeling Apathetic

Anxiety = Excessive Worry

These are not diseases and can be helped greatly with good diet, regular balanced nutrition as outlined in this program. Look to find the cause where ever you can over treating symptoms. Once you find the root cause you can then do things differently to make good health changes.



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