ULTIMATE Plant-Based Vegan

How to Eat The ULTIMATE Plant-Based Vegan Diet

In this section, we are going to look at how to be the perfect vegan. With, that you will be able to feel the ultimate health. It’s not hard and its very simple to cook and prepare. If you felt good in this program then you can feel even better when you carry on. Cut out the areas of food that we eliminated as much as you can in the beginning. It may take you a while to do this but as long as it is on your radar, and your intentions are being set for now or the future you will continue to detox daily and feel that amazing energy that I know you have now.

So here is a list of what you need daily. Dr. Michael Gregor calls it the Daily Dozen. Add these daily into your diet and you will have the ultimate boost of health and I highly recommend that you buy his book How Not To Die as you will be blown away by the studies.


101 Reasons to Go Plant-Based Vegan

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