We use the waste pulp in our garden too as it still has rich minerals and nutrients in the skin. You can also pop the lemon in but best to take out the rind, as the worms really don’t like it and you want to encourage worms in your garden. We bought a worm farm and compost in there without the worms as they like dry pulp over wet pulp which is what comes out of the juicer. We leave this to rot for a month or so and then dig into our earth in the garden or use for potting plants with extra soil. For more information please see google advice. This is just to wet your appetite to try composting.

You want the worms and microbes as they break down the scraps.

Regular turning helps to get air to the compost.

If its too wet you may get a bad smell and if its too dry it may slow down the breakdown process.

What you can add into your compost

  • fruit
  • bark
  • leaves
  • other soil
  • teabags
  • ground coffee
  • vegetable scraps
  • eggshell
  • hay
  • branches
  • sunlight

The following items are not suggested for composting

  • meat
  • bones
  •  fish
  • milk and other dairy
  • lemon rind


Make your own compost bin

You will need a large plastic box with a lid, then drill some holes in the bottom.



This information we got from our own trial and error as well as from the book by Sollar Eiriksdottir called “Raw”.


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