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Hello and Welcome to the Naturopathic Starter Program Course to Parkinson's Disease. It's the course that will suggest to you different healing modalities that you can look into to help you to help the body to find its Ultimate Health and bring you hope that there are so many things you can try to help yourself through the health maze.

This course has been put together to steer you, in conjunction with the Ultimate Health Program, to help use your mind, body and nutrition to aid your journey in detoxification. Detoxification is key as sciences is showing that Parkinson's can be due to the environmental pollutants. Eliminating and then avoidance of causative factors will be key for you.  It's a "one clear" path to help you to understand the alternatives that are there for you to try on your journey to find your Ultimate Health. As well as the Ultimate Health program this course can be used in conjunction with your doctor's treatment plan. This program is not a replacement for any medical advice. You will be able to give your body the best opportunity to keep healing, fighting, repairing, and boosted. This is a guide only to the possibilities of trying other healing modalities that can support Parkinson's Disease.

Learn the possible causes of the disease so that you can start to eliminate and avoid what may have been the triggers for this condition.

Tania looks forward to helping you on your journey. If you want a one to one nutrition health coaching session,  you can sign up for the 50-minute session and you get this program included in the price. CLICK HERE if you want to upgrade with coaching. If you want Tania by your side for 3 sessions of 50-minutes and full access to the Ultimate Health program with access to the 1,000 recipes and clear detox program then this will be the package for you. CLICK HERE.  If you want to just get started then click the link below.


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