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One to one nutrition coaching with Tania using naturopathic, evidence-based guiding in our sessions together. Plus access to the ULTIMATE Health Program for a year

Session One will take 1.5 hours and we will go through all aspects of your health, health timeline and give a full and detailed plan after the consult, with recommended protocol.

Session Two will take 30 minutes going over the personalised plan that will be made from you from the information gathered in the first session.

Session Three will take 30 minutes and will review your previous session and tackle any new or further health issues. This is usually done 4 - 8 weeks after your initial consult.

With this package, you can book your sessions anytime and get guided motivation of the proven and Ultimate Health - REMOVE, REBOOT, RESET formula in our member's community.

Guaranteed to boost your health, fitness, vitality, feel-good factor, mood, hormone balance, weight management, longevity & prevention. Whatever your health issue you can get started straight away and get to the root cause of your health issues.

One to One Naturopathic consult with a full health check, a 360 approach to you. With full access to the Ultimate Health program for a year.

The Ultimate Health Program has over 1,000 recipes and lots of guided meal plans.

If you want to continue with the program after the year, there is a one-off payment of £147.00 for a lifetime membership access. Access the latest information any time and join one of our guided RESETS, to keep you on track.

The price for membership is £247.00 now and then £147.00 after 1 Year.

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