Healthy Weight Loss 101

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6 Lessons

I am super excited to bring you this course. It’s the piece in the puzzle that will help you to understand why you have your weight, why you are holding onto your weight, why we can’t shift the weight and what we can do to move forward.

I want to keep this short for you and not overwhelm you. I also want to give you a combination of different styles of eating that that keep your meal planning interesting. We can all start this journey but it’s those that stay on it that reap the rewards, so how do we do that when we tend to fall off the horse at 5 weeks? Check out the self-hypnosis for answers to this too. Go through each lesson and leave your comments in the comments box below each lesson.

Print out the Tips and tricks for Weight Management. These you should check into regularly.

Lesson 1 Find Your Body Type?

Lesson 2 Meal Plans

Lesson 3 Supplements for Weight Loss

Lesson 4 Tips & Tricks for Weight Management

Lesson 5 Cholesterol

Lesson 6 Problems & Solutions

Lesson 7 Reasons for Obesity

Lesson 8 Weight Loss Recipes


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